A Digital and IT Driven Company

Technology is the driving force behind the efficacy of our process, as much in the intricacies of the back-end as in the intuitive simplicity of the front-end.

An all-inclusive B2B platform : from measurements to order management

Your convenience is key to our own success. Which is why, for all the complexity of the inner workings of our chain-of-supply, we’ve ensured that the front-end experience – your side of this process – will be nothing but streamlined and user-friendly.

Every key aspect of the ordering process is centralized in a single, all-inclusive B2B online platform, available in nine languages :

It also includes additional features such as :

Fully automated back-end

Our order management process operates fully automatically (unless specific instructions are provided), and we leverage RFID technology to streamline our production flow. Since implementing this system, we’ve dramatically reduced our delivery time, achieving the shortest turnaround in Europe today.