From Factory Floor to Your Door :
work directly with a European manufacturer

There are many suppliers in the Made-To-Measure industry, but not all are actual manufacturers.
And few can claim a true European tailoring heritage.

Cutting out the middleman

Working as the manufacturer and the direct supplier for our customers makes everything more efficient on both sides.

It allows us to offer competitive prices, while upholding the higher social & sustainability standards, work conditions and wages of European labor.

It also means faster and clearer communication : the people you do business with work closely with the people who cut, assemble and ship your garments. So closely in fact, that they might be just one floor away from each other.

Shorter lead-times thanks to our proximity advantage

Last but not least, our geographic proximity to the best mills allows us to save cost and precious time in logistics and shipping, which translates to better prices and shorter lead times for our customers.

A fast delivery is paramount to the Made-To-Measure business, and we’re committed to honoring our delivery promises. Our standard lead-time is usually of 10 business days.

A legacy of quality

From pattern cutting to hand-sewing, the intricacies of tailoring techniques are closely tied with the history of European textile craftsmanship.

In fact, it’s thanks to these local cultures and traditions that we’re able to the find skilled workers who help us carry this legacy of craftsmanship, in an era where it’s become all but a rarity.