Products Overview

Tailoring is and will always be at the core of our Made-To-Measure business, yet our offering covers that, and so much more :

Outerwear for every season, hybrid casual tailoring for the modern customer, personalized jeans and chinos, and even tailored womenswear.

Our extensive range of custom clothing ensures that you can cater to all the preferences of your clientele and cover all of their clothing needs year-round, therefore maximizing your business potential.


Suits, separate jackets and trousers, with fabrics for every season, taste and occasion, in a wide array of styles both formal and casual.


Our outerwear collection includes classic tailored overcoats, quilted outerwear, raincoats, field jackets, bomber jackets, and even "hybrid" jackets that mix the elegance of tailoring with casual contemporary influences.

Chinos & Denim

We treat these everyday trousers with the same care and high-standards as our tailoring, offering a proper made-to-measure fit and a wide range of personalization options.


Our versatile selection features a comprehensive variety of collar and cuff styles, suitable for casual, business, and formal settings, with fabrics to suit every season and occasion.


Our latest addition to our offering, striving to replicate the elegance found in classic mens tailoring, with a feminine twist on design, cuts, and fabric selection.