Our Vision

Our current vision stems from an undeniable fact: the menswear market has undergone profound changes over the last few years, and the full repercussions are yet to manifest.

We firmly believe that this change will lead to a continuous growth in demand for made-to-measure and made-to-order products in the coming years, driven by increasing consumer appreciation for personalized fashion, which also aligns with current shifts towards sustainability and individuality.

Therefore, our primary concern as a manufacturer is to help you develop your business in these two directions.

To better achieve this mission, we’ve been progressively turning our ready-to-wear capacity to made-to-measure production over time.

We will always keep a certain volume of ready-to-wear production however, as it allows us to balance the seasonal shifts in demand that are intrinsic to the made-to-measure business.

Our goal as a company is to become the largest made-to-measure menswear manufacturer outside of China by 2025.

Today, Formens has 1700 employees and produce over

jackets per day
trousers per day